By Caroline Low

This Month’s focus is RADIO in 2016…

According to Nielsen’s Radio Audio Measurement Radio leads all other  platforms when it comes to weekly reach (93%) among all adult consumers. Radio still plays a huge role when it comes to media consumption for millions of Adults.

A radio consumer is a highly qualified audience. Most of today’s radio audience listen while at work, away from home, when ready to buy! More people use radio than TV or smartphones.

According to Nielsen Insight’s January’s headline, News/Talk registered its highest marks for listener share in several years, no doubt driven by the ongoing drama of the residential campaigns and primary season now in full swing. News/Talk jumped more than a full share-point from the holidays to January among all listeners (6+) (8.6% to 9.7%). And listener share among listeners 18-34 and 25-54, two key groups for marketers,  increased by 14%. The listener share among persons 18-34 increased to 4.1% from 3.6%, while the share among listeners  25-54 jumped to 6.7% from 5.9%. In fact, January’s 4.1% share    rating among Millennials is the format’s best showing since November 2012, the last U.S. presidential election.

SOURCE: NIELSEN.COM/Nielsen Insights



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