The thing about marketing successfully is you have someone work at it consistently.

The key to small business marketing success is mastering the fundamental strategies. In that respect, it’s just like doing anything else well.  Below are a few tips.

No matter how many different marketing tools or strategies you want to do, if you aren’t paying attention to marketing fundamentals, you will be wasting your time.

Allocate Resources Consistently to Marketing

Many small businesses treat their marketing budget like discretionary spending. Investing in marketing when things are going well and there’s a bit of extra money available. And cutting back when things get tight. Instead of playing the feast or famine game with your marketing, resolve to set your marketing resources budget in the beginning of the year and keep it consistent.

It’s OK to set a budget that will work in the leaner times so you’re not in over your head. The important part is to determine an amount and commit to investing it in marketing. Not only does this ensure you market all year, it also keeps you from making a rash decision to add on a new marketing campaign simply because a vendor suggests it to you.

Stick with It

Marketing takes time and repetition. When you do try something new give it enough time to make sure it is or isn’t working. Don’t place one ad in a publication or do a one-day Facebook ad campaign. Invest enough time for it to succeed. Then, once it is working, keep doing it.

Sometimes doing the same marketing over and over gets boring. Sending out a newsletter consistently or working on campaigns that feel like you have done them a million times can feel like a grind. That’s OK. If a marketing tactic is working then your customers are not tired of it. Stick with it.

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