Marketers are used to thinking and speaking in demographics, since dividing a market by age, gender, ethnicity, and other broad variables can help understand differences and commonalities among customers. Think “our target audience is 25-49 year olds” or “we are launching a campaign aimed at high income families.” In the Harvard Business Review, Alexandra Samuel asserts “But psychographics, which measure customers’ attitudes and interests rather than “objective” demographic criteria, can provide deep insight that complements what we learn from demographics.”

Today it is possible, and very important, to make psychographics more actionable, by making psychographic differences more important, and by making psychographic insight easier to access.

Today’s research, analytics, and ad targeting make it newly possible to turn those psychographics into the foundation of a robust market research and marketing strategy. Ms. Samuel concludes, “Indeed, in the best-case scenario, thoughtful use of psychographics will help you develop not only the messages and campaigns but also the products and services that specific customers want and need”


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