Summer is an excellent time to get out and about and promote your business. The sun is shining, people are enjoying themselves and everyone is more receptive to marketing campaigns. You’d be a fool to miss out at this time of year so here are nine tips to help get you started.

Seasonal specials
The reason that McDonald’s McRib and Shamrock Shake have such a huge following is that they’re only available at certain times of the year. Do you have a product or service that you can offer seasonally that will bring customers in droves to your business every summer?

Any time of year can be great for giving away promotional items, but seasonal items for the warm weather are always a win. Engage with your current, and potential, customers by offering them a beach towel, volleyball, pair of sandals, or sunglasses with your company’s logo on it. If you offer a service, give your clients bottled water with your company name on it. People always appreciate swag that is practical.

Partner up
Strategically partnering with a business that is not in competition with your own is an excellent way of reaching more potential customers. It is mutually beneficial and shows what both companies have to offer their target audiences. If you own a retail outlet, such as a clothing store, try partnering up with a salon to offer discounts both your customers and theirs.

There are plenty of outdoor events going on in the summer that many people are going to be at. The key here is to pick one that can help spotlight your business and chip in as a sponsor for the event. Sponsor your local communities’ outdoor movie night or concert series. Look for companies that can help boost your brand.

Sidewalk sales
For retail businesses, this is a great way to get your brand noticed. Just make sure that your stall is inviting and makes people want to stay and view your products. Try to attract and interact with people that you might not normally associate with your products.

Customer appreciation The warmer weather is a great excuse to host customer appreciation events. Perhaps you can throw a barbeque for customers or hold a summer carnival. Offer your customers tickets to a baseball game or to an amusement park. Keep your customers happy and they’ll keep your business in the forefront of their minds the next time they’re in the market for your product or service.

Give summer tips and advice
If you’re a savvy business owner, you’re likely communicating with your customers year-round via a newsletter or email updates, notifying them of company news or upcoming sales. This is a perfect opportunity to include summer tips like pool and fire safety. Tell your customers about the sales you’re offering this summer and ask them to spread the word.


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