Consumers are obsessed with autumn: the trees’ final blossom before winter, the kaleidoscopic colors of the leaves blowing in the wind. Pumpkins and DIY crafts start popping up everywhere.

Your customers are adjusting to school routines, planning for Halloween or Thanksgiving, or thinking of ways to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold.  All of these are opportunities to reach out to your client base.

Here are five ideas to help keep sales going strong this fall.

  1.  Say “Thank you.” Send out Thanksgiving cards in the third week of November to current and past customers.  Along with your note, consider including an offer that encourages the customer to bring in a friend or neighbor. For instance, make a coupon that’s valid for 20 percent off one order from your store, but if the customer comes in with a friend, they each receive 30 percent off both their orders.

Include a clearly marked expiration date, so that it jumps to the forefront of people’s minds for holiday shopping.

  1. Focus on Customer Savings.  In the fall, your customers will start to look for holiday offers, promotions, freebies, and other ways to save. Certain consumers won’t make a move until they see a deal in action. Give them a “Buy One, Get One” offer or a customer appreciation sale. Passing the savings on to customers goes perfectly well with the “thankfulness” theme of the season.
  2.  Offer space to community groups. If you have an open conference room, fitness center or banquet area in your business, consider opening it up to local residents, groups or non-profit organizations for a one time use for one of their meetings or events.  Make special deals available for those who come in.  You could deposit $100 for everyone who opens a checking account that day, offer a service special in your car dealership or offer 25% off of your retail location.
  3. Back-to-School. Offer school-centered deals and promotions. If you own a clothing store, consider hiring college students to promote fall clothing.  For example, you could pay undergrads to wear the store’s clothing on campus. (You could also offer them a discount or give them a few items.)
  4. Support local sports. Sponsor nearby high school football games, which can be huge in the fall months providing personnel for marketing events and promotions.  As a sponsor, offer special deals for fans. Pass out samples, coupons, or free T-shirts to those who come to the game.

Launching a seasonal campaign can add value by giving a brand a fresh look and feel, while expanding a brand’s personality.  Have fun with it!

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