Adults spend a staggering 4.7 hours each day on their phones. Considering the average American is awake for just over 15 hours per day, this means that we spend approximately a third of our time on our phones.

Mobile advertising should be an essential element of your media mix. The percentage of U.S. digital marketing and media professionals targeting audiences via smartphones and tablets increased significantly last year. Last year, 75% of these professionals said they targeted ads to specific audience segments on smartphones, and 73.1% did so on tablets. Source: eMarketer

Smartphone Ownership Highest Among Young Adults and Adults with High Income & Education Levels

% of Adults in each group who own a smartphone
Mobile Commerce Sales

U.S. retail mobile commerce sales estimates are close to $77 billion in 2015, up 32.2%. This growth will push Mcommerce’s share of Ecommerce up to 22%, with the majority of Mcommerce occurring on mobile websites.