With the increasing movement of consumers from traditional web browsing (i.e. laptop and desktop computers) to mobile browsing on tablets or smartphones, advertisers are now using a mobile marketing technique called geo-fencing when trying to target potential customers.

Geo-fencing is a variation on the more commonly known geo-targeting – that is, restricting the placement of digital ads so that they only show up to users within a predefined location.

Geo-fences help you establish and reach on-the-go audiences at the most opportune time and place. This radius precision technic sets a pre-determined geographic area and we then deliver your ads to users who are inside the fence based on GPS coordinates. Messages can also be set to appear during certain days/times to maximize reach.

By identifying mobile users’ precise locations based on GPS, you can send hyper-local messages to mobile devices. Ads can be sent to mobile users at and immediately around Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, YUM Center, RUPP Arena, Commonwealth Stadium, Churchill Downs, Keenland or any other desired sporting venue. It is also a perfect medium to reach conference attendees, college campuses, certain areas of a city, etc.

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