Ellis and Badenhausen is Crosshair Media Placement’s newest partner. 

eandb-logo-croppedWe are proud to partner with such a well-respected group who, daily, help people overcome injuries and enjoy a better quality of life.  Read more about Ellis and Badenhausen below…

Ellis & Badenhausen Orthopaedics, PSC is dedicated to providing the Louisville community with the highest quality of orthopaedic service. We will ensure that patient care remains the focus of our medical practice by maintaining an experienced staff and by keeping on the forefront of medical technology and research. We believe there are three key components which are essential to providing the highest quality care:

Value Our Patients

We value our patients as the foundation of our medical practice. The relationship between a physician and a patient is based on trust. We value the trust our patients place in us and base our care on several key concepts to strengthen this relationship: respect, communication, caring, compassion and education.

Value Our Staff

We recognize the influence each one of our staff members has on providing the highest quality care. Our goal is to educate, develop, value and reward each one of our staff members in order to optimize patient care.

Maximize Education

We understand the need to remain at the forefront of medical technology by participating in continuing education endeavors and maintaining a state of the art medical facility. Through technological advancements we can enhance patient care from onset of injury to full rehabilitation.

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