Brands on social media can find a way to make a hit on Super Bowl Sunday

 Local brands have a chance to pick up steam—and perhaps go viral—any given Super Bowl Sunday.

Focus on Facebook and Twitter during the game.

Parties are getting smaller for the 2017 Super Bowl as fans now have big screens at home and an instant ability to tap into an online party via social media. During the Super Bowl, fans look for real-time news on Twitter and their friends’ reactions on Facebook. Marketers should care about these social channels because that’s where consumers are focusing a significant portion of their time on Super Bowl Sunday.

When you realize the primary focus is going to be on Facebook and tweeting, it gives your marketing department a targeted focus in advance.  A possible example is posting a branded picture every time a team scores a touchdown.  However, anything that engages with your followers/friends and offers a positive, ideally fun, branding opportunity is great.  Also encourage all of your employees to share the posts in real time during the game

Influence Central’s 2017 Biggest Game in Football report says 78% of consumers engage in social media while watching the Super Bowl. 

According to the report:

• 38% want to share their thoughts on the commercials.

• 32% want to react to the game.

• 18% want to share photos of game-day parties.

• 10% want to see what their network is doing.

 Challenge your marketing team to have fun and score big on Super Bowl Sunday.  Good luck!

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