Need some ideas for summer marketing campaigns? Here are some to try this year.

Get out there.

Warmer weather means outdoor events. If you’re a brick-and-mortar store, try looking for ways you can participate in things like street fairs, block parties, or festivals. Pop-ups are also a great idea this time of year, especially in places where people will be in the mood for your goods (think ice cream at the beach, green juices after a yoga-in-the-park event). To promote where you’ll be posting up, send an email announcement to your customers and shout it out via your social channels. E-mail marketing is easy and cost effective.

Host an event.

School’s out for summer, which means people have more time to hang. So why not throw an event to get your customers together? If you’re a flower shop, you might host a summer flower arrangement class. If you’re a fitness professional, you might get your clients together for a beach boot camp. When promoting your event, one thing to consider is just targeting your regular customers with the invitation to show them some love. Bringing your regulars together will help foster a sense of community around your business (always a good thing).

Offer summer gift cards.

Especially if you have summer sales spikes, gift cards are a great way to bring in even more customers. You can even design custom gift cards to fit a summer theme.

Sales, sales, sales.

People will be on the lookout for hot sales as holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day roll around. So make sure to keep your business top of mind. It’s a good idea to discount items that would be particularly relevant for each holiday. For Fourth of July, for example, run promotions for party items; things like BBQ supplies, red-white-and-blue decorations, and (legal) fireworks. Labor Day tends to be the time people get back to business, so make sure to promote items around that theme.  Whatever you do, have fun with it!

Whatever your business, you can always find ways to market yourself during the summer months. We hope these tips will help send you quickly on your way.  In addition to “traditional media placement”, we help many clients with social media management, e-mail marketing and, of course, digital campaigns.  Let us help!

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