ColtsWith the NFL season just around the corner, we’d like to thank the Indianapolis Colts for renewing their support of the annual Indiana Broadcasters Association (IBA) Conference. Crosshair Media Placement administers the IBA Public Education Program (PEP) and the IBA annual conference.

IBA_LogoState broadcasters associations positively impact everyone whether you realize it or not. Below are just a few things state broadcasters associations do that you likely never knew.

  • Work with the Department of Homeland Security and the state police to trigger and activate AMBER ALERTS and GOLDEN ALERTS.
  • Ensure that each broadcast radio and TV station is Emergency Alert System (EAS) compliant. (That’s why you hear the alerts simultaneously across your state.)
  • Lobby to local, state and federal officials. For your business, state broadcasters associations are actively “fighting” an ad tax. For years legislators have tossed around the idea of not allowing businesses to “write-off” advertising as a business expense.

Clearly we all know that advertising is a normal and necessary part of doing business and should be able to be deducted. Unfortunately, many of our political leaders have never owned a business and are just looking to impose new taxes. Tax reform is happening statewide and, of course, nationwide.

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