InSite2017What if you were able to “Intercept” people online who have just visited your competitors websites? Literally advertise your business to people who pass through your competitor’s website! I know you’re thinking that it sounds too good to be true.

Think about how much money your competitors invest trying to get people who are in the market for their services to their website. Now you can send digital advertisements of YOUR COMPANY to people who just visited YOUR COMPETITOR’s website. This is not a geo-fencing campaign nor does it require pixels of websites. This is new technology that we are just releasing and YOU have the first right to capitalize on it.

Rarely is there a new advertising opportunity in which you can combine new technology with exclusivity. This is a true competitive advantage, point-of-difference and quite frankly a game changer. There is a catch. This opportunity is being offered on a category exclusive opportunity per market. (Manufacturer exclusivity for car dealers.) Contact us today before your competitor’s find out about it!!!

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