Do you know the habits of your customers?

Where do they go before visiting your location and where do they go after? How often do they visit your location compared to your competitors? Where do they work and live? What are their shopping habits?

Until now, retailers, new project developers and everyone involved in deciding where to build a new location or move a location relied on PIN Studies. PIN Studies are costly, require people to stand in a location asking customers questions and are simply not accurate. Crosshair Media Placement, LLC is utilizing proprietary software to revolutionize location based cell phone studies which gives absolute data to retailers and developers.

Cell phone tracking technology is now available to better evaluate a trade area for new development projects. Results are more accurate and reliable than standard PIN studies. The geo-fencing program we have created is customized to your desired location, and you will receive cell phone data tracking analytics that are 100% reliable.

You will have the ability to track customers that visit a specific location, area, or GPS coordinate, and you don’t need to own the location being monitored. The data shows customer history for 90 days prior to their visit and up to 30 days after their visit. You will receive easy to read customer maps customized for your specific needs, even broken out by time of day.

Where did they come from and where did they go? By participating in our geo-fencing program, you can uncover the answer to that question and several other key questions, such as:

• What site is the best location for your business?
• Where do my potential customers live and work?
• Where did my potential customers come from immediately before visiting the monitored location?
• Where did my potential customers go to immediately after leaving the monitored location?
• How many times did my potential customer visit the monitored location over the last 3 months?
• And many more…

Please let me know when I can discuss this opportunity for your business, and I will demonstrate how this works. I can answer any questions you may have and address your concerns. This program will help you save time and provide support for making imperative decisions for the future of your business.

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