You need to be utilizing OTT! OTT, or TV Everywhere, is streaming video content viewed via an app or website that bypasses traditional TV distribution. Your customers are watching at least one screen/device through an OTT subscription, and we can target them based on geography, age, gender, income level, and education level. We can also target behavioral criteria to hone in and reach those in the market for your product or service. OTT is like buying traditional TV but targeted specifically to people who you want and need to reach. And, like targeted digital campaigns, OTT is trackable!


Because OTT commercials are delivered via subscription and in programming that people are watching on their device, the view rate exceeds 94%. Meaning 94% of the people we are targeting watch your commercial in its entirety.

Below are a few examples of where and how your TV ads are served. The APPS are countless. While there are a handful shown below, there are literally hundreds of apps/programs your ad will appear. We have pre-censored all apps so that your ad does not appear in apps not deemed appropriate.

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