In a few short weeks, Crosshair Media Placement, LLC will be moving its offices to 9300 Shelbyville Rd. As excited as we are to move, below are the Top Five reasons why we are making the move for our clients.

1. Easy access – With clients in multiple states, it will now be more convenient for our clients to visit us. Whether the visit is for strategy, competitive evaluation, creative brainstorming, or just to visit with us, we are now easily accessible and can accommodate both small and large groups.

2. Seminars – For some time now, we’ve entertained the idea of offering continuing media education seminars for our clients and prospective clients. From OTT TV Everywhere, digital geo-targeting, Nielsen Audience Methodology trends, etc., we now have access to larger conference areas and will be offering seminars to our clients at no charge. While there will be a minimal charge for non-clients, all of our clients will have the ability to attend these informative events at no cost.

3. Recruitment – Like your business, as we continue to grow it is important to be able to continue to attract the best talent available. Our staff is extraordinarily talented and we strive to continue to recruit only the best. We want people who understand our culture and know that we are here to serve our clients and to generate the absolute most effective advertising campaigns possible.

4. Employee Morale – The better our employees feel about coming to work, the better they’ll perform for our clients. The new space will help to stimulate brainstorming and increase work flow.

5. More Room – We are growing with our clients. In the past few years our clients have exploded in growth. A few examples include: Commonwealth Credit Union opening and acquiring new locations/branches in both Lexington and Louisville markets. Bachman Auto Group acquiring Bales Auto Mall in Southern Indiana which has added Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Hyundai to their Chevy, Subaru and VW dealerships. Midway University achieving record enrollment numbers. To better serve our client’s growth, we have to add to our staff which of course requires more work space.

Selfishly, we cannot wait to move! But as you can see from the Top 5 reasons to move above above, the primary reason for our move is for you, our client.

Tentative move-in date is late November. The new address, effective immediately for mailing, is listed below:

Crosshair Media Placement, LLC
9300 Shelbyville Rd. Suite 915
Louisville, KY 40222

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