Consumers are now more sophisticated than ever and find their information through many channels. Initially, multichannel marketing was introduced to allow prospects to communicate with businesses through various channels.
For instance, prospects can be introduced to your business through Twitter, Facebook ads, or stopping into your brick and mortar store. Email subscribers can communicate through email and website visitors can communicate through chat or comments.
But even though multichannel marketing was a step up from single channel marketing, it didn’t solve consumers’ problems.
That’s why Multi-Channel marketing provides a better experience for your prospects because it provides a seamless and consistent communication process to prospects and customers across all channels.


For instance, you may start interacting with a customer on a social media network and then it continues through your SEO rankings and eventually through email. Eventually, you get the prospect on the phone which turns into a sales qualified lead.
The main aim of Multi-Channel marketing is for you to be able to keep track of the prospect’s interactions even though they’re interacting with you through different channels. In turn, your customers will be impressed that you’re paying attention to the details about your previous interactions and that you really care.
Research shows that companies with Multi-Channel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers compared to 33% customer retention rate for companies with weak Multi-Channel strategies.


To implement Multi-Channel marketing for your business, let us manage all media placement and marketing under one platform. It is important for each medium/platform to work together as one unit and not in individual silos.
This helps you move your prospects effectively through the sales funnel even when your prospects are communicating on many channels. With the use of Multi-Channel marketing, you will improve your year-over-year growth.

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