Dabbling with social media “when you or your staff has time” is no longer sufficient. Plain and simple. It is vital to your current and future marketing strategy to include a strategic, customized social media campaign. If your business does not have a full-time position dedicated to social media marketing, then you need to contract an agency to perform these services for you. Today!

It is always nice and fun for someone on your staff to post pictures of employees, customers who authorize it, etc. However, that is not a strategy or a campaign and will not yield the results needed to compete.

Social commerce sales increases by an exponential rate every year, e commerce sales are expected to rise about 250 percent by 2021. That’s ecommerce alone. No doubt social media contributes to these statistics as the average person spending on social network is more than two hours a day.

Facebook is the biggest contributor to e-commerce at the moment, but other networks are not far behind as chatbots and social buying buttons are becoming more popular.
Source. Tonic

When it comes to social media management remember these few things: Content is king and strategy is key. For example, the day, and time of day, you post has significant impact on your posts. You could have the best content available but if posted on the wrong day or at the wrong time, your engagements will be minimal. You MUST contract an agency today and get your company’s social media management in order. We are ready to help.

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