Be Seen – Be Heard – Be Relevant

When you hire Crosshair Media Placement, we focus on quantitative and qualitative research to cross-tabulate consumer trends and media usage, so we can pinpoint exact placement of every advertising dollar.  This maximizes the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

We negotiate with each media vendor to ensure your advertising budget is used to its fullest potential, creating a high return on your investment.

Unlike many ad agencies and media placement companies, Crosshair Media Placement invests 100% of your advertising budget into the actual purchase of advertising airtime or space.  While this sounds like a no-brainer, follow the money with most traditional media placement companies or advertising agencies and you’ll quickly understand the additional fees typically charged.

Providing Our Clients With Maximum Value
-We charge zero fees for our media placement service (No invoice for billable hours)
-There is never a retainer paid to us for media placement (We are not attorneys)
-Writing and directing commercial production is free as you will never receive an invoice for our time on production jobs
-Any outsourced work for advertising production, if needed, will be passed through to you with no up-charge for our time involved

Literally 100% of your ad budget will be used towards the actual purchase of advertising airtime or space.

Our Services Include: