Successful media plans don’t happen by chance

The best media plans come from employing a strategic approach to the entire media placement process. This process includes exhaustive quantitative and qualitative research, media planning, negotiating with media vendors and thoroughly auditing both the plans’ execution and results while reevaluating the media strategy to address opportunities for improvement.

This is the Media Management process that your company deserves. While it includes “media placement”, media management is a far more comprehensive approach to media placement.

Not all advertising agencies are equipped to provide this type of Media Management. Many media buyers are inexperienced, over worked and quite simply do not understand the comprehensive world of audience measurement systems and how that coincides with achieve effective media placement ROI’s.

While some ad agencies might produce great ads, they are limited in the experience or resources to launch and maintain successful campaigns. Moreover, while in-house media buyers may do an adequate job of negotiating rates and placing a schedule, they often have neither the planning experience nor the analytic tools necessary to be truly effective at measuring and optimizing the buys. As such, the media placement doesn’t deliver the results it should.

Crosshair Media Placement, LLC is your cost effective solution to media management.
We charge no retainer, zero fees and you will not receive an invoice for billable hours. We simply work off of agency commissions from media vendors and even kick-back a portion to you to maximize your ad budgets.

With this process, we will literally place more advertising than your budget allows as we will pick-up the difference. Your ad budget should go to towards the actual purchase of advertising, not in fees or artificially inflated production charges.

Be seen, be heard and be relevant.  Call Crosshair Media Placement to learn more about our media management services, 502-216-8537.