There is no second place in political campaigns

You either win or you lose.

As a result, every single dollar in your political campaign budget is crucial and should be scrutinized and maximized.

We’ve worked to help countless political candidates WIN their respected seats by strategizing and investing ad budgets in the actual purchase of media… not inflated fees or outrageous invoices for billable hours.

Aside from making sure that the candidate is electable, the most important aspect of a political campaign is targeting your message to the right people. This will help with fundraising and of course ultimately with winning the trust and needed votes.

For primary partisan races, we hyper-target adults more likely to vote in a given party. We do this geographically and through psychographic research to make sure that each dollar is invested to reach the most adults who vote. For example, in a partisan primary race, we won’t invest much time or money in a county where the majority of registered voters side with the opposing party across the line. (This is not necessarily the case with the general election. Clearly we work on winning the primary first then we revise our focus for the general election.)

Securing a list of registered voters in your district or state is important. We do not want to waste resources on the many thousands of individuals who are not even eligible to vote or who do not vote.

This is just a quick snapshot of how we strategize. Once we meet with the political candidate and campaign officials, we will customize a comprehensive plan to WIN. From yard signs to direct mail to television advertising, we’ll make sure your campaign is spotlighted and put in the best position to win. Whether the political campaign is local, statewide or nationwide, there is no second place!

Be seen, be heard and be relevant.  Contact Crosshair Media Placement to create your winning ads, 502-216-8537.