Quality Commercial Production…

is extremely important to a successful ad campaign. However, investing too much in production can jeopardize your entire campaign.

At Crosshair Media Placement, we write, direct and produce countless production pieces internally at zero, or very little charge, to our clients. The benefit to our clients is that money saved on production is used to buy actual advertising airtime and space.

This is a general theme in our business model, as your advertising budget should be applied to purchasing advertising, not to fees, production charges or for agency billable hours.

When we use a third party vendor for talent or specialized production, the third party invoice is passed along to you without an up-charge from Crosshair Media Placement.

While high-quality production is important, you don’t have to spend a disproportionate amount of your advertising budget to get it.

Be seen, be heard and be relevant.  Learn more by calling Crosshair Media Placement at 502-216-8537.

Let Us Show You How To Save On Advertising Costs.