Are the results of your advertising living up to your investment?

For most successful businesses, advertising is among its top 5 expenses. If not properly placed, literally thousands of dollars in your ad budget will be wasted.

Crosshair Media Placement can help prevent this…

  • Cross-tabulated research pinpoints exact placement of ads, boosting effectiveness.
  • Negotiations with media vendors ensures your advertising budget is maximized.
  • Advertising funds are invested 100% on ad placement, not on secondary expenditures.
  • Ability to serve clients from coast to coast.

Political Campaigns

There is no second place in political campaigns. You either win or you lose. As a result, every single dollar in your campaign budget is crucial and should be scrutinized and maximized…

Media Placement

Successful media plans don’t happen by chance. The best media plans come from employing a strategic approach to the entire media placement process. This process includes…


Quality commercial production is extremely important to a successful ad campaign. However, investing too much in production can jeopardize your entire campaign. At Crosshair Media…

Health Care Marketing

Health care marketing facilitates relationships among hospitals and physicians as well as between medical centers and patients. As with any type of marketing…

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AIM HIGH For many years Crosshair Media Placement has worked to help the Army National Guard recruit new soldiers.   Now, we are proud to be

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