Be Heard – Be Seen – Be Relevant

James Reed’s negotiating skills saved our Credit Union hundreds of thousands of dollars PLUS allowed our staff to devote their attention to our ever-growing marketing demands. He understands our audience and focus and is able to assist in fulfilling with great results.

I bet I have gotten as many calls in a week as I did in 6 months! I credit the placement times, channel placement and the new creative. Mostly I credit James Reed. The phones are ringing. Thank you!

I have heard the SMP sponsorship on NPR several times. Lauren is receiving phone calls from potential volunteers. Thank you for your work on this campaign!

James, thanks so much for taking the time to review our media strategy with us today. Your presentation was very informative, pertinent, and helpful as we strategize on our Marketing Plan and overall Corporate strategy for 2018 and going forward. You provide such a valuable service to us and I appreciate your loyalty to our organization. Thank you for being such a great business partner and friend to Commonwealth.

Thank you so much, James! With your help we had a record month! We appreciate you working with us.