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Free Media Evaluation

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Free Media Evaluation

Successful businesses and organizations constantly evaluate for efficiency.  Accountants perform line-by-line audits to ensure every dollar is accounted for, logged and invested properly.  Product sales are tracked by type, how long each item stays on the shelf, gross and net profit for each item.  Employees are evaluated in a line-by-line self-evaluation and manager evaluation with the intent to improve morale and productivity.

Literally everything in successful companies is tracked and evaluated with the intent to increase efficiency and productivity.  Your advertising and media placement should be too. 

As a Top 5 Expense for successful businesses, it’s important to make sure you have a trusted source to strategically place your advertising.  Each dollar should be backed with rationale, logic and a plan.  Nielsen and Comscore audience methodology should be used to ensure your media mix is well planned and accurately positioned.  Negotiations should occur with each media vendor to ensure you’re paying the least amount per placement while reaching the most people in your target audience.

Ad campaigns should be constantly evaluated, making tweaks as needed in real time.  Post buy audits should happen quarterly to hold vendors accountable for any missed GRPs, etc.

Creative should be fresh and targeted to the people your business desires to reach.  Messaging should be created differently for each segment.  (25-year-olds will react and engage with ads differently than 60-year-olds.)

Whether your team has a marketing department or not, you need a trusted source that truly understands strategic media placement.  Things like audience measurement, the methodology behind Nielsen ratings, the knowledge and experience to truly negotiate with vendors ensuring the lowest unit rate and maximum added value, how to evaluate post buys and use that information to enhance future campaigns.  Proper media placement is vital to the success of your business.

Crosshair Media works with marketing departments and managers to create, plan, launch, track and reconcile ad campaigns.  Generally, Crosshair is paid an agency commission from media vendors and we do not require a retainer.  Meaning, your company does not have to absorb additional upfront fees to enlist the services of Crosshair Media. 

For a free media evaluation, contact us today. 

Stephanie Gumer

Director of Media Relations


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