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Digital Marketing Trends Expected to Rule in 2021

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Digital Marketing Trends Expected to Rule in 2021

Social Media Marketing

The popularity of social media platforms has scaled up non-stop in the past few years. And with the occurrence of pandemic COVID-19, the demand in social media usage has spiked up to 70% more. In the current circumstances where everything has been under a lockdown, social media marketing has seen a boost, and it remains the only platform to access existing and potential customers. With the engagement of influencers, social media is going to be even more prevalent in 2021 than any other form of marketing

 Smart Assistants – Voice Search

One of the chief developments that have impacted the digital world is the prevalent embracing of voice search technology, which is altering how websites are optimized by search marketing professionals to rank higher for targeted keywords and queries.

Whether it is Alexa, Siri, or Cortana, we frequently seek their support for everything from finding out a pizza joint nearby to finding the most popular nail salons in the vicinity. Voice searches and smart assistants have made the searching more locally customized that has prompted a shift in search trends of Google.


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