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Not Knowing Your Target Audience

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Generally, we are writing about things you should DO to enhance your marketing.  Below we’ve sprinkled in some things to avoid. 

Not Knowing Your Target Audience

The most basic rule for having successful marketing is to know your target audience and their personas in and out. While marketing your products or services, it is essential to know your audience, persona, needs, and likes. Your marketing strategy and goals need to be in line with who your audience is.

Also, 2020 was a very tough year, which impacted everyone. This means your target audience has also changed. Take into consideration all the changes that your target audience may have experienced. For instance, you should always know which of your audience’s problems you are solving, and along with that, you also need to know what new problems they are facing as well as ways to solve them.

Not having a set goal is a mistake, and wishing to have a good result in the initial days is a blunder. Marketing platforms are effective tools, not magic potions.  Successful businesses allow marketing professionals to use research and all tools available to plan and implement a strategic approach.  Gone are the days of placing it and forgetting it.  In 2021 marketers need to cross-tabulate match-back reports with ads placed, analyze engagement, monitor consumer interaction, study heat maps of existing customers/clients, etc.  Perseverance and strategy are key here!

Lacking Creativity

Simply producing relatable and unique content is not enough. You need to be sure that your content is attention-grabbing. Unless you’re able to get the attention of your audience, it is useless. Marketers are doing everything to attract the audience’s attention. There is already a lot of noise/clutter.  Crosshair Media has always taken the BE SEEN, BE HEARD, and BE RELEVANT approach.  Being relevant is critical.  You can easily be seen, be heard and be forgotten if you’re not relevant.  Know your audience and engage them.  Your message should be about them, not just about your business.

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